03/29/2021 | 03/29/2021 /

Project CoMBiNE Discuss Research Project Partnership with Mining Company’s in the Region

The Project CoMBiNE team headed by Dr. Sherryl L. Paz, Environmental Science Department Chair, organized discussion about the program and project goals of Preliminary Investigation on Wildlife-habitat Associations and Ecosystem Services (HCVA 1-4) in Selected Mining Area to the representative of some mining companies in the region. Among the company’s prospect for partnership are AMVI, SRMI, PMC, PGMC, PNPI and CMC. The discussion revolves on what projective general goals of reconciling mining and conservation, the project support need and needs of the respective companies.

The team was thankful to the mining companies’ participation and willingness to build partnership with the academe for the conservation of high conservation value (HCV) areas in Caraga. A more series of activity will be done for the implementation of the project conducted by the research team from Department of Environmental Science  and some Biology faculty members.